Can I remove the Docker cache on a Mac?

I am low on space and was looking into stuff I can delete, and this caught my attention:

/Users/me/Library/Caches/com.docker.docker/org.sparkle-project.Sparkle/PersistentDownloads/MZZKMjpQS/Docker\ 37199

It’s 2.66 GB big, and it contains: - 1.98 GB
Docker.dmg - 681.5 MB

Looks like a cache that was used to update Docker.

Would it be safe to delete it ? I would assume yes, but would rather be sure.
At over 2.5 GB in size, it could help make some room on my laptop.


I am on the latest MacOS, by the way, and the latest stable version of Docker.

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The proper way to clear all the cache is with docker system purge.

This file is simply temporary installation file.
If Docker got a new version, it will automatically download it and wait for you to update.
Just initiate the update from Docker menu, this temp file will go away.