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Can we set custom mDNS entries for docker.local's IP?


(Chris Hiestand) #1

I have an application that uses the hostname http header as an input. With docker toolbox and earlier, I would create custom entries in /etc/hosts, which works but has limitations. It would be great if we could add custom dns entries to the mDNS server, or if we could add hostname aliases for docker.local. If we can’t do this now, is anything like that in the pipeline?

(Dustin McQuay) #2

I second this. Also, docker.local seems a poor choice for OS X as it has some limitations. It causes long delays for example when I try to connect via cqlsh to a cassandra container. I avoid these issues by simply using anything other than a *.local domain.

(Chris Hiestand) #3

I was wondering about the .local choice also, it would be nice if docker would elaborate on this decision.