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Cannot connect to docker daemon (RHEL 6.5)

Had similar problem with Redhat
If you are working behind proxy, you must set the NO_PROXY=$NO_PROXY,/var/run/docker.sock
In my env I put it at /etc/sysconfig/docker file

After doing some research into solving this problem on my Linux
system I thought I would write this answer. Here is what I did to fix
the problem.

On Fedora 22

Installing Docker:

$> curl -fsSL | sh

After installing Docker:

A user needs to be added to the docker group.

$> sudo usermod -aG docker

The docker daemon needs to be started

$> sudo service docker start

You can set the daemon to start at boot

$> sudo chkconfig docker on

You can verify the docker service is running

$> service docker status

And one last final check

$> docker run hello-world