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Cannot connect to my container inside docker machine


(Rizary) #1


I’m trying to containerized my haskell’s web app using docker, and here is my Dockerfile in gists. Fyi, I don’t use my

Then I create my docker machine using this command:
docker-machine create -d hyperv --hyperv-virtual-switch "HyperV" hmb-dev

which according to the docker’s docs, the HyperV set to external.

so I have my container run with this command:

docker run -it --name hmb1 -p 8000:8000 hmb-web /opt/server/prod/matrix-controller webserver
Initializing matrix-controller @ /

Listening on

Then after i tried to access it from my browser with both my machine ip using (docker-machine ip) or using docker inspect : 8000, both sites state cant be reached.

Is there something that I am missing??? I tried the nginx server in the tutorial and it works fine.