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cannot copy files form one container to another in Docker using shell script(from java web application)


(Kishoreilaka) #1

I have one query on Docker toolbox on copying files from one container to another. below is the steps I have followed and kindly let me know the possibility of the following

I have two applications( Parent application and child applications(child application can be accessed by parent)
I have created two containers for parent application(one container is for JDK and tomcat and deployed war file and another is for DB) and created intermediate container two link the containers.
I have created one more container which contains JDK & Tomcat server
I want to copy files( war file) from one container to another container dynamically from parent application to child application and I want to up the tomcat server from after deploying child application into tomcat server and shut down the server once the work is done
Move the child application generated files from child container to parent container
Kindly let me know how to proceed to achieve points 4 & 5

Kind Regards,
Kishore Ilaka