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Cannot create API key in docker account

(Ibmdemo) #1

I am trying to follow Docker Cloud API reference page to create a API key in my docker account, the instruction says: “log into Docker Cloud, click on the menu on the upper right corner of the screen, select Account info and then select API keys”. But when I go to my account settings, I cannot see the API keys section. Any suggestions?

(Ibmdemo) #2

Is it possible something is changed on site? I was able to create the API key in my account a few weeks ago, but I cannot do it anymore.

(Karricar) #3

I am experiencing this issue as well.
I dug through some of my old notes and found a partial screen cap from June 2018, seen below:

As you can see, I was expecting to find “API keys” in the left hand menu, and have used it many times.
However, it seems like there has been some redesign of that menu, without any documentation about where to find the original items going forward.
Net: I would also like to know where to go in order to create new API keys.

(Malark79) #4

I am also facing the same issue. Please help us in creating an API key without which we cannot proceed secret creation. This should be treated as a high severity blocker kind of issue.

(Cbelnap9201) #5

Does anyone at Docker have an update on this, it is also blocker for me.

(Kellys) #6

I’m having the same issue and is also blocking me. Thanks.

(Sbrunot) #7

Same blocking issue here…


Blocked by the fact that there’s no way to get to the API keys from the current Docker Cloud Account Settings Page. Help please!