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Cannot create New Access Token?

I’m trying to create a new Access Token, and the button on Docker Hub is greyed out. (Tried in both Firefox and Chrome on OSX in case it was a browser bug.)

I can’t find any explanation as to why, is there a limit (I have 6)? If so, is there any way to raise it?

I can’t find documentation or other references to this… have others encountered this issue?

We have the same problem

For me, on a personal/free account, the button is disabled after having 3 active tokens. Deleting a token enables the button again, and so does deactivating a token.

A workaround to create more than 3 tokens, which is very likely unsupported so your mileage may vary: temporarily disable tokens until only 2 are active (using the 3-dots menu to the right of the tokens), add a new token, and finally re-enable the disabled tokens.

I’ve not searched, but I could not find any limits on Managing access tokens | Docker Documentation either.