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Cannot delete a Hub/Cloud account


(Dieter Menne) #1

I had an account dmenne, and also a working Docker Cloud account with BYON (on my own server). Everything was fine.

After a recent update, I could not get BYON building to work even after re-installing everything on my server. I decided to go back to the simple dockerhub hosting, but then the trouble started.

To be able to start from scratch, I asked support (the link was dead for some time) to delete my dmenne account; for some strange reasons, this cannot be done by the user. First there was no response for a week, after a second mail Docker support informed me that the account had been deleted.

This was only partially true: dmenne login was no longer possible, but the account still exists as some corpse, because I can see but not download the old dmenne/gastro-docker image. Even worse, I wanted to recreate the dmenne account to start from scratch, but this is not possible, because the name supposedly is not available.

I have been trying to contact support twice within the last two weeks, without response.

So I have to warn users: Don’t create an account, just to try something out. If your company changes policy and wants you to remove it, this is not possible. You cannot remove an account, and the support is non-existent.

(Jmwong) #2

Hi Dieter,

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience caused. I’ve escalated your issue and a member from our support team should be reaching out to you soon.

Jie Min
Engineer, Docker Hub

(Dieter Menne) #3

Hello, Jie,

Any progress on this matters? Currently, I cannot log in to my dmenne account, but reregistering is also not possible because it is taken.

I don’t want to register a new account, because many links already are floating around with this account

Dieter Menne

(Dieter Menne) #4


I still cannot create a new repository. I assume it has to do with some locked docker-cloud vestiges, which supposedly were deleted.

Please do something! When it is not possible to consistently delete an account, this is a security issue.

(Dieter Menne) #5


  • gastro-docker still exists in the docker cloud (dmenne), but all links are dead and so I cannot delete/edit or whatever it

  • I cannot create gastro-docker in docker hub, The repository is empty, but when trying to create a repository with this name, it fails.