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Cannot download invoices?

(Ziontech) #1

We can’t seem to download invoices in the new UI (the button doesn’t work), and you can’t do this in the old UI. Plus we seem to have stopped receiving the billing emails?

(Ziontech) #2

We need invoices for reconciliation + legal purposes, can we get an official response on this?

(Ziontech) #3

Still can’t download invoices…

(Fernando Mayo) #4

@ziontech we are aware of this issue and are currently working to fix it. As a workaround, you can download them from

(Danieliancu) #5

For anyone experiencing this issue, who can’t see the invoices in the Docker Hub interface, I have managed to download them directly from the API by going to this link:{ACCOUNT-ID}/invoices/{INV-ID}
Replace {ACCOUNT-ID} with the account id and {INV-ID} with the invoice id that you want to download. The invoice id is the one listed in the invoice list (from where you click to download the invoice) and the account id appears in the URL after /swarm ({ACCOUNT-ID}/settings).
The resulting URL will be something like this: