Cannot install gitlab docker container

Hi at all,

I triyng to install gitlab with docker container on ubuntu host on witch it is already installed another docker container openproject;

Openproject had been configureted on the ports ports:

  • “${PORT:-8080}:80”

so host 8080 bind 80 container.

It work fine.

When I install later gitlab docker container with docker compose at this link GitLab Docker images | GitLab, rightly I’m only going to edit port for example 8929:8929 (which I opened on the firewall) and I’m going to change also external_url to dns name bind to public ip as I did also with open project.

health status afteal installation is ok.

When I try to access open project after installing gitlab container, the browser gives the error that it cannot access because the server is busy without mentioning the firewall.

When I try to access the gitalb the same thing does not access it seems that everything hangs.

I remove the gitlab docker container and openproject works again.

Question I don’t think it’s a port problem since I also tried mapping 8181:8181 or 81:80 and other combinations without invading the ports used by the open project.

so what could be the problem?

I hope for some help

Thank you