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Cannot link DigitalOcean account in new or old ui

(Ohthehugemanatee) #1

I follow the prompts, and get a correct OAuth workflow. I grant access, and I am returned to docker cloud with ?do_link=1 in the URL… but the UI still looks as if I have not linked an account.

  • Linking other accounts (AWS) works fine.
  • In digitalocan, I can see that I have successfully authorized docker cloud
  • In the old UI, always displays the message “You have successfully linked your Digital Ocean account!” in green, but the account does not appear linked in the UI
  • When launching nodes, Digital Ocean is not an option

My email address is different between the two accounts, but beyond that I can’t think of anything that might be going on here.

(Uberamd) #2

Getting the exact same problem, been trying for over a week now.

(Ryan Kennedy) #3

@ohthehugemanatee, @uberamd: Thanks for the feedback. We have introduced a fix for the issue users were experiencing when attempting to connect Digital Ocean accounts, which is now available production.

Please let us know if you experience any further issues.

(Ryan Kennedy) #4