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Cannot link DigitalOcean account?


(Stevendesu) #1

I just started working with Docker last night and was going through a few tutorials.

I wanted to experiment with actually running an application on multiple servers in a cluster – the full power of Docker. However the documentation and reality don’t seem to be aligned.

The docs show AWS, then DigitalOcean, then Azure, then a few other services all listed under “Account Info > Cloud Providers”

Going to I had to go to “Cloud Settings” (not Account Settings), where I found a Cloud Providers section. However there were only two options: AWS and Azure. There was no DigitalOcean option. I’ve screenshot what I’m looking at but the upload button on the community forums doesn’t seem to work on a Chromebook.

Was DigitalOcean support removed recently? Do you need a paid account to connect to DigitalOcean?

(Ryan Kennedy) #2

Hi @stevendesu,

You will be able to find Digital Ocean as a supported cloud provider in Standard Mode (DO is not yet supported in (Beta) Swarm Mode). To switch to Standard Mode, click the “Swarm Mode” toggle in the header.

Following is the list of Cloud providers that are currently supported in Swarm Mode:

And here are the Cloud providers currently supported in Docker Cloud Standard Mode:

(Stevendesu) #3

@pkennedyr Thank you, switching off swarm mode brought up Digital Ocean :slight_smile:

I’m not really familiar enough with Docker yet to understand the difference between the modes. What advantage is there to using swarm mode over normal mode?

(Ryan Kennedy) #4

Hi @stevendesu,

The following forum post includes a description of Swarm Mode vs. Standard Mode and the future of Swarm mode in Docker Cloud: Docker Cloud Swarm Mode (Beta) Update

Also, here are a few additional resources to help get you started with Docker Cloud Swarm Mode:

(Ogndocker) #5


I have similar issue. My cloud stack which was linked and super-easily deploy-able on my digital ocean droplet machine has disappeared all of a sudden (!) and I no longer see the possibility to link with digital ocean.
What happened ? I can’t see anymore any toggles for switching between swarm and standard modes.