Cannot mount nfs share on Mac PC into minikube pods

Issue type: cannot mount nfs share into minikube node container
OS Version/build: macOS Monterey version 12.1
App version: docker desktop version 4.6.1
Steps to reproduce: run minikube with multinodes (1 master, 1 worker) and try to mount nfs share by kubectl apply

I am trying to mount nfs share on Mac PC into multiple minikube pods in multiple nodes but it doesn’t work. I know this might work with minikube with virtualbox driver but unfortunately my PC only has 8G memory so resource is tight (I have checked this by running multinode minikube by other vm driver [= hyperkit driver] with minimum resource setting). So I want to run multinode minikube by docker driver in which k8s node are container and each pod is container inside it (more accurately, each pod is a wrapper of container[s]). I also tried to mount nfs share into minikube “node” container manually but this doesn’t work as well. I also tried to do the same thing above in kind cluster which is similar to minikube in that it creates nodes as containers and didn’t succeed. Given these facts and a tip from kind contributor (source), I believe the issue is in docker for mac, more precisely its network. As I mentioned in the issue I just referenced, I thought the cause was that docker desktop for mac uses unix domain socket (=docker.sock) to build connection between host pc network and docker network and nfs only supports tcp and udp so I actually ran socat container and set DOCKER_HOST env var to redirect traffic to docker.sock to tcp and vice versa so that traffic from nfs server on host pc goes to tcp. Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve the problem. So now I don’t know what to do with this. Does anyone know the solution or even potential cause of this problem? Please help me!

My k8s file is in the kind github issue I referenced above.
Relevant stackoverflow post I made
stackoverflow post

Thanks in advance

I am closing this question now because I decided to use another type of volume instead.