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Cannot run a node on eu-west-1

(Ami) #1

ERROR: There are no availability zones in Amazon Web Services/eu-west-1 region with the current restrictions to launch the instance

(Ivar Abrahamsen) #2

It is a known issue… Known issue: AWS instances types shown may not be available in all regions Some instance types are not available in all regions yet. It just bit me so had to work around it by using smaller types.

(Ami) #3

Thanks Ivar,

I’m actually using an instance type that I already have running on that
region. t2.medium.

I have isolated the problem to be with my choice of vpc. If I try to create
the cluster inside our vpc, this error happens. Using the default docker
cloud vpc, it works fine.

I’m using the very same IAM account on tutum and successfully launching the
same cluster so it must be a change on your side.

(Ivar Abrahamsen) #4

I was having issues with a t2.small which I also already had non docker cloud instances running, and also a few in tutum. And I was also using the same IAM as tutum as well.

My issue was fixed wen I unlinked the AWS account, and created and linked a fresh IAM docker cloud user with the recommended name and policy. Maybe there are some conventions that are not optional that is causing the issue.