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Cannot use recovery code to login

Hi, I am trying to log in to docker hub, but forgot the configuration of my 2FA setup.

I check the docs of Recover your Docker Hub account with a recovery code and I still can find my recover code, but I cannot find where I can use it.

I don’t see any link here telling me to input my recover codes, when I clicked on that “Try another way login”, it went back to the initial login page and start the loop all over again.


The chance of you getting a solution here is slim, since this is a community driven forum, i think your best option is to contact docker via: Docker Support - Contact | Docker Support

Thanks for your reply, and I’ve tried to contact Docker Support. If I got a proper solution from them, I would post it here.

They directly disabled the 2FA for me… Seems like the 2FA fucntion is just in the Beta phase.

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