Can't compile full web project with tomcat


It’s my first topic so i’ll try not to fail too much. Thanks!!!

I have a web project done with java + jsp pages that needs to run with tomcat. After several problems with the versions and permissions (and ignoring some libraries that gave failure) I got a semi-full execution that worked and was valid, specifically the client part, which didn’t really need a build. But, the code referring to java, the server part, is not running/starting…

The jsp part that contains this code is not appearing after compilation, but the strangest part compared to before, which did give me a compile error when passing to the jsp, is that half of the jsp loads fine, except when it’s time to read the java code.

Specifically, I was able to retrieve the following error when trying to display the case when inspecting by console: ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING 200.

I have tried to find an alternative to this problem, such as changing the browser and not using Chrome, but in that case, the image does not load. I have also tried to enter code that tries to bypass antivirus options, but it doesn’t work either.

I have not used Docker before, and locally when loading the project with Tomcat I have any problem, the application works without no problem.

I have also tried different versions of tomcat for the image, but in any case I still can’t load my whole project correctly.

I hope I have explained myself well, thank you very much in advance!!!