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Can't convert user to organization


(Skipsizemore) #1

We originally set up our company as a user (elephant). I want to make it an organization. When I click “convert to organization” I am prompted for a Docker ID to be the new owner. I enter my personal Docker ID, the one I’m using here. I get an error that says “Please enter a valid Docker Id”. My Docker ID is not a member of any other organizations or any teams anywhere. In fact, it’s done almost nothing.

I can’t find any help for this. I’m hesitant to advise my employer to pay for support for something that doesn’t work and gives no guidance as to how to make it work. This is extremely frustrating.

Any tips or guidance is welcome, thanks.

(Bryce Ryan) #2


Sorry to hear you’re having difficulties. Please have a look at the following two Knowledge Base articles, which might help, depending on your exact circumstances:’t_I_log_into_my_Docker_Hub_account_after_converting_it_to_an_organization%3F

If neither of those are helpful, it may be helpful to file a request for account help via the Docker Account Support Form, which is found in the lower right of this page:

(Skipsizemore) #3

Thanks very much – I will try these!

(Prodigious Brand Logistics) #4

I have the same problem