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Can't delete old docker images

Running Docker on OS X 10.14.6. I have several storj images ( that are periodically replaced by their updater image. It doesn’t appear to be deleting the old ones. That may be because when I tried to do it manually for one of the unused images with the command “docker rmi 919733d1d7b5”, Docker complains

Error response from daemon: open /var/lib/docker/image/overlay2/.tmp-repositories.json207472833: read-only file system

So apparently somehow on the Linux VM that is provided by Docker under OS X, parts of the filesystem have become read-only.

What could cause that and how can I fix it?

Remove all images

All the Docker images on a system can be listed by adding -a to the docker images command. Once you’re sure you want to delete them all, you can add the -q flag to pass the Image ID to docker rmi : List: docker images -a.