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Can't edit environment variables in New UI

(Jjjk) #1

Hi Docker Cloud

New UI looks great but am having issues editing environmental variables for a service

When I expand a section in the environmental variabnles such as ‘DB’ for all the DB connection details
It should all the variables twice

  • once as greyed out / read only
  • and once that look editable with a trash can icon
    – but you can’t type anything in the editable one
  • and when you click the trash can (so delete the variable and then re add with new value) it duplicates all the variables
  • now there are 3 copies of each variable - and all look editable with the trash icon
    – but you still can;t type in any fields
    – and saving produces an error

This is in Chome



(Borja Burgos) #2

The team is looking into this Justin. Thanks for your feedback.

(Jjjk) #3

thanks @borja ! keep up the great work with Docker Cloud!!!