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Can't get to UCP webpage

(John3exonets) #1

Ran the install for UCP, but got a slew of port errors:

FATA[0046] the following required ports are blocked on your host: 443, 2376, 4194, 6443, 6444, 10248, 10250, 10256, 12376, 12378 - 12387.  Check your firewall settings

So, did a iptables -F on the node to clear everything out, killed all the port-check docker containers, and started the install again. Everything worked – no errors, tons of new iptables rules…but connecting to the published URL at the end of the install results in nothing.

I’m running three RHEL 7.4 VMs on top of Proxmox, with bridged networking. I already have several running VMs in my Proxmox environment that have HTTPS access with no issues…so I’m pretty sure its something on the initial RHEL VM.

Docker info:
Server Version: 17.06.3-ee-1-beta2
Kernel Version: 3.10.0-693.17.1.el7.x86_64
Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux
OSType: linux
Architecture: x86_64
CPUs: 2
Total Memory: 7.641GiB

The UCP install docs say nothing about firewalls, ports, iptables, etc, and it seems like that should at least be mentioned somewhere.

Thanks! JD

(Ollypom) #2

Hey John,

The system requirements (including port list) can be found here:

Is the ucp-controller container running on the manager node?

$ docker ps -a --filter "name=ucp-controller"

(John3exonets) #3

Yes, it is running.

docker ps -a --filter “name=ucp-controller”

d673ada6ed27 docker/ucp-controller:3.0.0-beta2 “/bin/controller s…” 14 hours ago Up 14 hours (healthy)>8080/tcp ucp-controller

(John3exonets) #4

Ok, so sadly, “Internal” != “localhost” …I needed to add all those “Internal” ports to the IN_chain iptables also, as Docker is using the traffic IP address, rather than ‘localhost’ to talk to local components. My misunderstanding. Thanks for the help…you can close the issue.