Can't have more than 3 containers running tomcat simultaneously


I have a problem, which I don’t understand.

I’m starting one container with an Oracle database, that is given a specific IP-address inside a network, so the tomcat servers know where to find it.

THEN, I start a new container running a tomcat server, connects it to the already existing network and give it an unique IP-address. This is working, my web apps is up and running and can connect to the database-container.

BUT, when I repeat the previous step, by starting 4 more containers running tomcat, each container are given an unique IP-adress and an unique port to work on, the first tomcat server inside the first container stops working. The container is still up and running, but the tomcat server inside of it just stops working. Nothing is to be found in the logs. If I manually start the tomcat server inside the first container, the second tomcat server inside the second container stops working.

I can only have 3 working tomcat servers at once. When one more is started, inside another container, one of them stops.

Problem solved. Make the Oracle database able to have more sessions/processes.