Can't run Docker Desktop on Mac today. Blocked by Fastly IT

Hey Docker Community. Last week I’ve got some weird notifications while I was using Docker, like: “Fastly is reducing the number of Docker Desktop licenses available… if you have business reason why you need Docker Desktop license click ‘Request’ button”

After clicking on it, button leads me to some google form with restricted access.

Today I’m facing issue when I trying to startup Docker Desktop or cli:


And Docker is not starting.
I’ve purchased Pro licence but it didn’t help.

Perhaps someone knows what to do with it?

Is Fastly a cloud provider? If you installed Docker Desktop on a cloud machine, the provider could block it. If it is the case, you should contact your cloud provider. It could be that they provide a license for you so they can be sure that you use Docker Desktop legaly on their system, altough it is free for personal use.

If you installed Docker Desktop on your machine, then it must be a “phishing” attempt to get your credentials.

It’s on my local. I can’t even define the process that causing this error. But on MacBook startup I saw each time in the end of startup there are:

I don’t believe this is a coincidence.

Are you behind a corporate proxy or something? “corp” reminds me of “corporate”. is a subdomain of

source -

Of course I know what a subdomain is and it was obvious for me from the beginning. The question is what is the connection between it and your envrionment and I can’t answer it for you.

Unfortunately, I can’t find that too

Solved. Device issue.