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Can't see how to add a collaborator to a repository

(Vanderkerkoff) #1

Hello there, I’m probably just not seeing it.

Here’s the docs.

It is possible to give access to a private repository to those whom you designate (i.e., collaborators) from its “Settings” page. From there, you can also switch repository status (public to private, or vice-versa). You will need to have an available private repository slot open before you can do such a switch. If you don’t have any available, you can always upgrade your Docker Hub plan.

I can’t see the option to add collaborators.

Can someone shed some light on this for me? Do I need to roll back to the old UI?

Thanks in advance

(Vanderkerkoff) #2

I sorted it out in the end.

For some reason I was being redirected to cloud.docker when I was trying to get into hub.docker.

I closed my machine down, went directly to hub.docker and from there I can add collaborators.

Would be nice if you could add collaborators from cloud.docker, but this is resolved for me now.