Can't use "curl" in an overlay network using swarm

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to curl the url above in a container residing in a overlay network running in swarm mode. I can’t seem to access the site. However, on my MAC, I can get the curl results. Any ideas?

Thanks for your time.

Bret Mullinix


Do you have more info ?
can you run a docker inspect on the container (and send us the network part) ?
can you ping from your container ?
can you nslookup ?
can the container ping its gateway ?
what is the error when you curl ?

How did you create your overlay network? Did you include a CIDR? In my experience an overlay network created without a CIDR will not be able to route outside of it’s overlay network. Check to see if the container has two interfaces, one for the overlay network and one on the docker_gwbridge. The docker_gwbridge is the interface used to route to the world.