CentOS 6.7 Docker container running IPSEC fails; no logs

  • I am using Docker v1.9.0.
  • The Docker container is based on CentOS 6.7
  • The Docker container is using librewan-3.8 for IPSEC/VPN (this is a requirement)
  • I install all the proper packages and modify the appropriate files (the process I’m using works on a CentOS 6.7 system)

It seems like there is some network configuration issue, but I can’t access logs generated by IPSEC. I believe IPSEC normally sends it logs to /var/log/messages, but nothing gets saved in the container’s /var/log/messages. The “docker logs” command only shows output from supervisord, a service I’m using to start and maintain IPSEC. The IPSEC specific log information I can see is that IPSEC exits with a status code of 6, which I haven’t found a description for on the web yet. I’m looking for two kinds of information:

  1. Does anyone have a working Dockerfile that sets up IPSEC/VPN in a CentOS 6.x container?

  2. How do I configure the container to push IPSEC logs out onto the host or via docker logs command?