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Centos:6 containers segfault with WSL2

Can someone who has a working WSL 2 configuration sanity check me? It seems most commands in a centos:6.10 container segfault! Later centos images like 7.7.1908 and 8 are fine.

More info in but just run this container, verify ls command works, then run bash.

$ winpty docker run -ti  centos:6.10 dash
# ls
bin  etc   lib    lost+found  mnt  proc  sbin     srv  tmp  var
dev  home  lib64  media       opt  root  selinux  sys  usr
# bash
Segmentation fault

My container exits with ExitCode 139. Does anyone else see this? Does anyone on WSL2 not see this?

Hey, I just run the above command using WSL2 and I did not have any issues as you can see in the screenshot.

Thanks for trying but the problem does not affect all commands. Try running “bash”.
Others have verified the problem in the github issue. Apparently there is a workaround involving some WSL2 configuration.