CentOS: Docker inspect returns No Such Object when paired with options

I’m working my way through the get started guide and on part 3 we’re asked to inspect one task and limit the output to container ID:

docker inspect --format='{{.Status.ContainerStatus.ContainerID}}' <task>

When I run this command I get an error: Error: no such object:

$ docker inspect --format='{{.Status.ContainerStatus.ContainerID}}' zpconlv2x9v8
Error: No such object: zpconlv2x9v8

However when the command is run without the format option the object is displayed in its entirety.

$ docker inspect zpconlv2x9v8
            "ID": "zpconlv2x9v85lbq7coijslc0",
            "Version": {
                "Index": 162
            "CreatedAt": "2017-09-15T19:36:36.073210495Z",
            "UpdatedAt": "2017-09-15T19:36:41.79521624Z",
            "Labels": {},
            "Spec": {

What’s the expected output in this case?