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Certain conda packages make Python crash with "Illegal instruction (core dumped)"

Hi there!

Currently I am having troubles using certain docker images like jupyter/scipy-notebook. The problem seems to be that there is a mismatch between the actual CPU and how the virtualisation behaves (that’s what you can read on the first github link). I can use the jupyter/scipy-notebook image without issues on my local Windows machine but it fails on a virtual machine on a cluster. Well, the container starts and works, but the Python interpreter crashes when certain methods of pre-compiled libraries are invoked.

I guess most details have already mentioned here:

And some more here:

Does somebody have an idea of how to cope with the issue? Thanks a lot in advance!

Best wishes!

I found a solution at – now it is working well enough for the meantime. OpenBLAS misdetects the system and therefore wrong CPU commands are used.
I still don’t have the reason for why it is not detected though.