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Certificate problem with RethinkDB after installing UCP

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I am trying to install the Docker EE Beta on three CentOS 7.4 instances in OpenStack, with each of the instances having an interface on the same internal Neutron network, and in addition each instance having an externally accessible floating IP assigned (and in DNS).
I have succeed in building the instances (with heat), installing UCP on one instance and then joining the other two instances to the swarm, and the UCP UI shows three healthy manager nodes.
However, I am getting an alert in the UCP UI:

“RethinkDB error: unable to get RethinkDB cluster health: unable to connect to RethinkDB: gorethink: x509: certificate is valid for,,, not . Learn more

where is the floating IP address of the second manager node.

When I installed UCP I specified all the internal IP addresses and external hostnames as extra SANs with --san.
Where can I find the certificate UCP is complaining about, and how can I fix this?