Challenges deploy a docker in Virtual machine

I am working on a financial institution. My current scenario is we can use a vm (Virtual Machine), installed OS & deploy application. In this moment we decide to deploy a container. What is the journey/challenges are face to move a new environment build with docker.

It seems this has been asked before:

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Your other topic seems very similar indeed @iqbalbd37 except now you are specificaly asking about virtual machines. Does this mean that based on the other topic you have decided to use a virtual machine and you want to know how that should be done?

I don’t think that such a general question can be answered unless someone wants to be your personal technical guide for free to figure out the whole solution including security, performance and everything. If you try to deploy a virtual machine and you have issues with Docker related to that virtual machine (not just an unrelated issue which happens to be in a virtual machine) then you can get better answers.

But the short answer: There is not much difference between a VM and a pyhsical host regarding docker installaton.