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Change EC2 Instance Type


(Oscardiedrichs) #1

Cannot find a way to upgrade/switch instance type for a cluster if using AWS EC2 instances as nodes.

Is this something that will come in the future?

Right now I feel that the only way to do it is to bring up a new cluster with all the services and then remap the loadbalancer (we use ELBv2) to the new machines.

(Vojta Svoboda) #2

I found two ways, but none of them are ideal :slight_smile:

A) Create new node cluster with the new type of instances as you mentioned.

B) Change node type directly at AWS (it requires stop the machine and then start it again). Then you have to redeploy all services in Docker Cloud and you probably receive some mails with text “Lost contact with the docker daemon. You will continue to be charged for unreachable node hours.”. After all - there is one huge disadvantage - in Docker Cloud you will see the old instance type and while scaling, it creates new machines with old type.

So from my point of view, only A is applicable.