Change the font in docker desktop

Hi How od I change the font on Docker Desktop from courier to something readable?

How do we change the font used in the console windows from courier to something readable?

It is good that you came back after 7 days to notice us we forgot to answer, but try not to duplicate your messages.

As for the fonts, I don’t think you can change that. I don’t remember how it works on Windows and right now I have Docker Desktop for Mac, but I would not use the desktop to run a shell in the container. On MacOS it opens a new tab in my external terminal and I can control the font type in that terminal app. I recommend for you to the do same and open a powershell or command line, then run

docker exec -it yourcontainername bash

If that doesn’t work because there is no bash in the container, you can try this:

docker exec -it yourcontainername sh

Docker Desktop may figure out the shell for you, I don’t remember that either, but if you want full control over your terminal, use an external one.