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Changes are not applied after Service redeploy

(Frankie567) #1


I’m currently encountering a serious issue : having a new version of my service image pushed on Docker Hub, when I redeploy the service the changes are not applied, the previous version is still running, even though Docker Cloud says it deployed a new container with the latest image version.

The only way to apply my changes is to terminate the stack and redeploy it entirely.

Any thoughts about this ?


François Voron

(Frankie567) #2

No idea about why this happen? This is quite problematic for our production…

(archcom) #3

I have had the same problem and i have found that if you switch to the classic UI for some reason and redeploy the service and set it to not reuse existing volumes it seems to work. This is very problematic for me as well because it makes the auto redeploy after a new build pretty much worthless.