Child image container and XDEBUG_PROFILE


I have a working image I run it as:

`docker run --name proj -p 9001:80 -dit -w /var/www/html -v ~/proj:/var/www/html vahankh/ubuntu-lamp

Now I create a new child image. To simplify case I just do:

FROM vahankh/ubuntu-lamp

When I run the container the same way using child image my XDEBUG doesn’t work properly. For the first container I can add XDEBUG_PROFILE and get profile automatically logged, for the second one it doesn’t work. phpinfo() shows exactly the same setup. I checked all the files. The thing is the XDebug itself works properly because when I enable xdebug.profiler_enable=1 I see that works. My problem it that I want to generate profiling files only when XDEBUG_PROFILE is specified.

I just don’t know how the “inheritance” of docker images work?