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Colors of the new UI hurt :)


(Danila) #1

I get that this is a silly question/proposal but could you guys (DCloud devs) make colors of new UI a bit less screaming? I have not the best sight and my eyes literally hurt when I look at this big blue header. This isn’t sarcasm or any sort of trolling, I’m honest. It would be great to use a bit more faded color like #428bca. Of course you all know better, but I’ll be more than happy if you fix this :smiley:

(Kickingthetv) #2

Hi Danila,

Thanks for using Docker Cloud and providing us with feedback - we’ve already started work to improve the colors and contrast of our interface to improve general visibility and reduce eye strain. I’ll make sure to share your feedback with our design team.

Could you please attach a screenshot and any accessibility settings you may have been using to give us a better idea of what you’re seeing?

(Danila) #3

Thanks for quick reply! I’m using a bit bigger fonts (150%). But the main issue is with contrast and color theme.

(Kickingthetv) #4

Thanks for sharing Danila,

The shade of blue you gave us is actually very close to our current top choice to implement :slight_smile:

Are you using 150% to make it easier to read the text? And do you normally browse all sites at 150%? or is it only Docker Cloud?

(Danila) #5

I’m using bigger fonts system-wide: for all sites, applications, etc.

(Danila) #6

Heeey! Looks like you’ve updated UI colors! Thanks!