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Com.docker.hyperkit up CPU to 340%

(Atramya) #41

Any resolution/workaround for this issue? I’m facing this as well

(Mikeball) #42

I was excited to build some helper tools to setup and using docker for development, but facing this same issue here as well.

It’s really frustrating because docker for mac is effectively un-usable for development work(it’s primary use case), and apparently has been in this state for 7 months? Has there been any communication from docker on a plan to address?

(Mschwartz) #43


Sierra, 1.12.x

Bring up a node 7 express container and CPU hits 400% and stays there.

(Eric Honkanen) #44

+1 I just updated my mac and installed this after using docker-machine + virtualbox for a long time… when running my microservice project that includes an ember.js client the cpu goes through the roof and my laptop starts feeling like a lava brick… reverting back to docker-machine :frowning:

(Blearyalarm) #45

I got the same, 334% CUP for docker.hyperkit.

(Salv0) #46

Is there any news about this?
I am with the latest version [Version 1.13.0-rc4-beta34 (14840)] and still having the issue :confused:

(Ryan Smith) #47

I have also found this issue to be related (at least for me) to be related to watching based systems. For Golang projects when using the Goat build tool the hyperkit and OXFS processes use a ton of CPU (200%+). Since switching to CompileDaemon I have no issues with high CPU issues. It seems the core difference between the 2 packages is one is built to poll the file system and one is using various mechanisms for detecting changes (inotify, polling etc).

As a side note I also had similar issues with the Meteor build process running in a container (more recent versions seem to have heavily decreased the CPU usage). Hope these notes helps with your research into this problem.

(Farismmk) #48

I think I will probably have to go back to docker-machine too (sadface).

Been dealing with this every day for almost 3 months and I’ve just gotten too annoyed by it for it to be worth it. Still an awesome piece of software when my CPU doesn’t start flying!

(Alexander Marchenko) #49

Oh guys i have for all few solutions shortly i will close this topic bcs it little kill me

(Alexander Marchenko) #50

First solutions:
Using beta version don’t look on it like on beta just try

(Alexander Marchenko) #51

Next thing
Try using composer for docker it also doing some magic with resources on system so u have performance

(Farismmk) #52

This was happening for me with both beta and stable versions.

And by try using composer, do you mean docker-compose? My hyperkit vm cpu usage will shoot up without ever starting a container, so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it.

(Alexander Marchenko) #53

Also as well, just incase try using terminal like zsh without UI from Docker
for example u can run:
npm init
the add some scripts inside
and run like
npm run docker
npm run docker:reset
``npm run docker:deploy```

(Alexander Marchenko) #54

what version OS send me screen of logs

(Alexander Marchenko) #55

how u running all workflow

(Farismmk) #56

Mac Yosemiti 10.10.5
Docker 1.12.5 (stable)

Using docker-compose to start my containers (one nginx container, one node container). But like I was saying previously, hyperkit process will shoot up in cpu usage after a hard restart without ever starting a container.

(Alexander Marchenko) #57

Okay do u have some extended options inside compose config for example CPU or just simple links between containers

(Farismmk) #58

No extended config, only exposing ports and exposing a volume that mounts the nginx config.

What I am more interested in is why the CPU usage would go higher if I never started a container :slight_smile:

I do appreciate your help though!

(Alexander Marchenko) #59

I just try bcs i before also have this issue, now for me all OK! even better i try do tests and i up 100 containers in mac pro

(Alexander Marchenko) #60

Sec u try remove at all docker and all images from the system