Common config-dir for multiple container

Hi all. I’ve three containers all running a cherrypy instance. Die directory structure of such a container is pretty much the same everywhere. E.g. all configs are stored in /var/apphome/blinds/config. Hence “config” needs to be a volume that can be accessed by all containers. Now each container bring his own config file and all should be placed in this one “config volume”, so in the end I have three different config files within this directory.
Unfortunately the container that gets started first will create the volume and place its file there … but all afterwards do NOT. There files are not present (or not visible).
I belive it’s the way the volume get’s created … but I’m stuck here. So who to create a volume all containers can place their files in ?

Example using two containers.

docker run --name BlindShare-Server -v blinds-db:/var/apphome/blindshare/db -v blinds-config:/var/apphome/blindshare/config -v blinds-cert:/var/apphome/blindshare/certs -v blinds-files:/var/apphome/blindshare/files -d blinds-server:0.1

docker run --name BlindShare-Admin --volumes-from BlindShare-Server -d blinds-admin:0.1 

When you check the content of the “blinds-config” volume, only the server.conf is present … admin.conf file is missing