Communicate between swarms

Is there a way to communicate between swarm networks?

Like a bridge/gateway/routing?

I have two clusters 10.10.1.x and 10.10.2.x With various containers running inside. I exposed some ports for the containers and some containers from the first cluster needs to talk to some in the second cluster and when it responds it responds back with its container ip so the communication back gets broken

Basicly you want to have a cross cluster spanning overlay network? Even though I like the idea, I highly doubt this is possible.

You might want to use the loadbalancers fqdn/ip of the other cluster as an entrypoint to its services. So if you have an async callback, you will need to embed the loadbalancers fqdn/ip in the callback url, instead of the containers ip. Just add an ENV for the loadbalancer fqdn/ip, fetch it within your container and render it in the response.