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Confused on the Eco : Using it for production

(Supdock) #1

I have used docker for a while but only for development. I love to use it to spin up a specific version of say MYSQL or to try out some new flavor of the week w/o cluttering up my system.

I was thinking about using containers in production but have a few questions.

1.) How are changes to only the api/app/db handled? Do i have to push the entire image again (Many MB)? Just for clarification, say your app updated only index.html, how is that pushed back into production? Similar how would you update something like a single stored procedure or an image on a web site?

2.) Are containers mostly meant for the environment and not for pushing out an application?

I have a new app that is comprised of 3 layers:
a.) web
b.) api
c.) db

3.) Docker Cloud provides one private repository. I thought that meant I could do my first app with it, but after trying out this out, it does not seem to be the case, as its ONE image per repository, meaning I would need 3 repositories based on my layers above?