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Connected to Azure, but Subscription doesn't show up


(Zimmergren) #1

Good evening,

While I am successfully connected to Azure with Docker Cloud in a few other subscriptions, I have one which is not possible to get working.

I’ve connected to Azure using the instructions and guidance in the docs, where I’ve also approved the Docker Cloud app to use my subscription. I have also enabled programmatic deployment in Azure from Docker Cloud, also according to the instructions. I’ve done all of this with a Global Admin in Azure.

At this point, in my other Docker Cloud accounts connected to other Azure subscriptions, it works. But in this one it fails.

Error details
So when I go to create a new Swarm, I see my Azure subscription tile being lit up and things look promising. However, upon trying to select my subscription in the dropdown, it’s not there.

The dropdown says “No results found”, which is odd given that the Cloud Settings page indicates that I’m successfully connected.

What gives? Anyone bumped into something similar?