Container always loses connection after a period of time because of missing DNS

After updating to the latest version, the application in the container always loses connection after a period of time due to not being able to resolve DNS. I tried multi-time but the same result. In the previous version, everything is stable. This only happened when I updated it to 14.16.2. On the Docker dashboard, I can not see the container but it still runs (access through the web). How to solve this problem?

I have this problem as well since rebuilding my machine. It appears to be an issue with WSL and the number of connections happening.

If you run wsl --shutdown in powershell, it will shut it down and you will get a prompt from Docker to restart their services. Once it’s up and running again, your network should be fine.

I am currently trying to find a way to restart docker via commandline so I can script a WSL restart every few hours until it is fully resolved.