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Container details page doesn't show the gateway address

(Clarence Ho) #1

I have deployed a container to the UCP Swarm Cluster with overlay networking.

However, in the container details page, in the network section, only the container IP was displayed, but not the gateway IP.

For example, the ip address was displayed for the container.

It would be great if the gateway IP address (e.g can also be shown on the container details page.

Please let me know if this feature will be added in future release.


(Vivek Saraswat) #2

Hi Clarence,

What version of UCP are you running? My 0.8 deployment shows the gateway IP under Networking section for Container details:

(Clarence Ho) #3

Hi Vivek,

I am using UCP 0.8.0.

I am not using the default network as I can saw from your screenshot.

Please found my screenshot that I had defined a name for the network, but the gateway IP is empty.