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Container fails to restart after docker swarm manager reboot

From time to time the docker swarm manager restarts, all the containers are stopped and then are supposed to be restarted as per the rules specified in the docker-compose files. However today when it happened, we noticed that the container did not restart. Upon further inspection, the docker inspect of the container state looks like this:

    "State": {
        "Status": "exited",
        "Running": false,
        "Paused": false,
        "Restarting": false,
        "OOMKilled": false,
        "Dead": false,
        "Pid": 0,
        "ExitCode": 128,
        "Error": "secret store is not initialized",
        "StartedAt": "2019-06-29T08:01:39.691804938Z",
        "FinishedAt": "2019-07-24T08:00:01.74838371Z"

We see an exit code of 128 and a root cause of “secret store is not initialized”. We’ve not seen this error and it doesn’t look like there’s much information about it happening. When we manually restarted the container later, there was no issues with the startup. Is there any information on this problem or how to prevent it in the future?