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Container is stuck in state "Remove"

It happens quite often, that a container gets stuck in the state “Remove” in our swarm.

ID            NAME                         IMAGE                          NODE     DESIRED STATE  CURRENT STATE         ERROR  PORTS
l7v2wlckmtja  i4ywvhosu0vtgcheuidcgtjn7.1  nikfoundas/etcd-viewer:latest  docker1  Remove         Running 18 hours ago

The container in this state is still running. In this case it is not a big deal because it is just a simple web app. But we have other services that cause havoc in this state.

To resolve the problem, I have to remove that container from that particular node with docker rm -f.

Any idea what this could be. I cannot find anything about this state in the documentation.

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I am in the same situation.

If other people are the same phenomenon, please provide information.

Also, if you know the solution, please provide information.