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Container link bug: duplicate (zombie) instances?

(Dusterio) #1

Sorry for reporting so many bugs today, but perhaps it may be useful :wink:

This one is not related to UI. I have a service that has multiple containers, and the service is linked to another service - a MySQL image with just one container/instance.

So one of the instances of client service gets different data from the MySQL database. I did some troubleshooting and the link environment variables are the same, Docker Cloud IP for the database container is the same across all client containers.

I used mysql-client directly from different containers connecting to the same internal IP address of the MySQL container and ‘show databases’ would give me different results.

The only explanation I can find - there was a zombie instance (container) of the database somewhere and one of my application containers for some reason was still being routed to that.

I did a re-deploy for MySQL and the problem went away. But still, doesn’t feel right! This could be awful in production.

Anybody experienced anything similar?