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Container stop automatically within a second after the start?

(Pankajdaffodil) #1

I am struggling from last 2 days to run container.
I am using windows 8.1 machine.
I want to implement codeclimate in my code, so i am trying to create a container with codeclimate/codeclimate image.
command: docker run codecliamte/codecliamte but its creating a new container every time and stop within a second automatically.
so how can i run my container properly without stop automatically.

Please Help

(Jeff Anderson) #2


When I run docker run codeclimate/codeclimate, I get the following output:

$ docker run codeclimate/codeclimate
Usage: codeclimate COMMAND …

Available commands:
analyze [-f format]
engines:disable engine_name
engines:enable engine_name
engines:remove engine_name

It looks like this image needs some extra arguments passed in to it. A container shows as stopped once the process exits. This process prints the usage information and then exits. It looks like this particular image has some usage information in its readme: