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Container to Image Parent Child

(Franksdocker) #1

I have a container which has changes manually applied. Of course i know this is not nice,
but someone else had to install and configure some wonderful IBM software inside.

Did a docker commit to save that as a new image. Fine, do that everytime someone makes changes.
parent base-image containing OS only
child image 1
child image 2
child image 3
child image 4 running

Problem now is that this image is a child image now containing the diff layers only.
But i need store the whole as a single image into our artifcactory to be recoverable.

Played arround with docker save, load, export, import etc. and found that i am loosing the Metadata
containing all the environmental settings, start command etc. in the resulting image when i look at the new image with docker inspect.

Seen ‘docker import --change list’ of course and wondering if there is a script from someone, which can extract the current metadata for the container and apply to the new image to import ???

Thanks for any suggestions