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Containers Do Not Resolve After Sign Off

(Scraigchatham) #1

Expected behavior

When I sign out of Windows, the Docker service would continue to function.

Actual behavior

When I sign out of my user account, I start getting 502.3 error from IIS. Confirmed that docker service is running as SYSTEM. However, the only weird thing I see is that is running as my local account.

If I try and restart containers before restarting Docker daemon, I get Error starting userland proxy error.

This does not happen if I stay logged in and instead just “Disconnect” from the server.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Log into server
  2. Start containers using docker run.
  3. Verify that websites are up.
  4. Log off of computer.
  5. Verify IIS error 502.3.
  6. Try to restart container or stop/start container.
  7. Verify userland proxy error.
  8. Restart daemon
  9. Restart containers
  10. Verify website up.