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COPY server folder when used volumes

Hi. Should I copy my server folder, when I indicate field ‘volumes’ in my container?
Now, when I use docker port (81 for my example), I see " It works!" - but must be a started page!
Then, I thought “Maybe this is some kind of local serving and not docker?”, but when I stoped all docker docker stop $(docker ps -a -q) this port was not working.
I decided that I would connect to a random index.php in docker /var/www/myserv, not my server folder.

I feel like you keept like 95% of the context for yourself :slight_smile:
I am afraid you will need to share more details.

When you configure shadow copies on the server cluster, a dependency is automatically configured between the host drive and the destination drive. You do not have to manually create this dependency. To configure shadow copies, follow these steps:
Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Manage.
Right-click Shared Folders, point to All Tasks, and then click Configure Shadow Copies.
In the Select a volume list, click the drive that contains the file share resource that you want to create a shadow copy for. For example, click drive R.
Click Settings, and then click the destination drive for the shadow copy in the Located on this volume list.

Note To appear in the Located on this volume list, the destination drive must contain a share.
If you do not want to configure a limit to the size of the shadow copy, click No limit.
Click OK, and then click Enable.
Click Yes to enable shadow copies.

Note There may be a delay while the initial shadow copy is created.
Click OK.
When you enable shadow copies, the following behavior occurs:
The host drive becomes dependent on the destination drive.
A Volume Shadow Copy Service Task resource type is created in the resource group that contains the drives that you created the shadow copy on. This resource is used to synchronize shadow copy schedules.