Could `docker buildx build` default to targeting all available platforms?


I am curious about the utility of the buildx system. Could docker buildx build default to targeting all available platforms by default, when no platform restriction array is provided?

That could help Docker users to provide more platforms for their images, with less hassle. Of course, this means waiting a bit longer for buildx builds, and more disk space. But I think the trade-off is worth it. This helps more of our wonderful community images to run successfully across more environments.

I still don’t use it, so keep it in mind, but as I know it, buildx just lets you define builders where those builders can be machines with different architectures so you can run your build on multiple architecture at the same time. If you have Docker Desktop, that contains QEMU to emulate those architectures. If you have just a Linux host, you don’t have that benefit by default, but you can install QEMU for yourself, although QEMU is not perfect, so if you want to be sure that the build will work as expected, you need at least different virtual machines or physical machines.